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From The Desk Of Alan Daly

Dear Friend

Have you ever wanted to be more, have more and do more?

Have you ever found yourself worrying about the recession and if you’re next in the long line of people who are broke, panicking about how to pay next months bills (maybe you’re there already)?

Ever thought that maybe, just maybe, there was more to eye when it comes to the recession than the government are letting on?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then not reading this short letter will be paramount to financial suicide. For the sake of both yours and your families future spend a few minutes with me and I absolutely guarantee you will peer into a whole new world.

A world where YOU never have to worry about making money again.

A world where YOU can be, do and have anything you want to.

A world that has been deliberately held back from you to keep you in the rat race.

Read on…

I have been warned never to release this…

Over the next few minutes I am going to prove to you that you really don’t need to be broke. You really don’t need to worry about the recession or all the doom and gloom you see on TV. And yes, you really can have as much money as you want.

Before I continue let me stop you there. Instantly I bet your mind thought this was nothing more than a get rich quick program or some silly scam to run and make a quick buck. It is neither. And soon you will see just that.

I have to be honest with you. I didn’t want to write this letter. I have held back what I am revealing to you today for a long, long time. But due to the recession, and the media pushing it down your throat every day and virtually telling you it’s your right to be broke I decided it was time to take action.

When I told people what I was going to release I got shocked reactions. People told me “You’re playing with fire”…”They won’t like you making this public” and “Don’t do it dude. It’s not worth the hassle you’ll get”. For a long while I agreed with these views.

Recently though something happened to me that made me certain I needed to do something.

The Media Is Feeding You Mindless B.S And Unhappiness every Day. Listen To them and you’re screwed

I was watching the TV about a month ago and the news reporter was talking about how the whole world is in chaos with the current economic climate. She ended her spiel with “Those on the low rung of society don’t stand a chance”.

When I heard those words I got angry. Very angry.

Here’s the truth. Yes the world is in turmoil and the economy has gone belly up. But rather than being no opportunity anywhere there is opportunity everywhere…IF you are in the right frame of mind and know the right secrets, strategies and ideas that make people millionaires even in a time of crisis.

The problem is that kind of information wouldn’t sell newspapers. Instead we are fed one negative thought after another until eventually we concede. “Everyone else is going broke so there’s nothing I can do about my finances either”.

That’s complete balls.

Only a few are hungry for wealth and freedom. Most long to stay wrapped in the comforting illusion of ‘The Matrix’.

Have you seen the film The Matrix? If not, I urge you to rent it and watch it as soon as you can. If you’ve already seen it, forgive me whilst I tell you the story…

It is set in the future. Humans have invented intelligent machines – which promptly take over and enslave us. (We could have guessed!) Humans are grown and farmed by the machines for energy - turned into living Duracell batteries, if you like. Millions of people lie in gunk-filled tanks, with tubes down their throats and cabled-in to the central machine. To keep them passive, they are fed a sophisticated virtual reality program which gives them the illusion of being alive in the year 2001. The entire ‘2001’ society - buildings, cars, people and everything they think of as 'real' - is actually an illusion to keep them from waking up and rebelling.

In the film…

…the whole of mankind is living in a non-existent dream-world called ‘The Matrix’.

Let me quickly say that I don’t believe this sci-fi yarn to be literally true!

But there is a sense in which we live in a dream-world and are slaves to ‘the machine’.

And that’s why you can’t get ahead of the game.

I will disclose who I think is enslaving and controlling you and why in a moment. It isn’t intelligent machines or reptilian aliens you’ll be relieved to hear – it’s something far more sinister! You see, I believe that…

...most people live in a bubble of illusion – never achieving real wealth – not really understanding what’s going on – believing the media, politicians, adverts, films, TV… Living powerless ‘dream-lives’ of quiet desperation, in slavery to ‘The Matrix.’

I hope the analogy is not too uncomfortable for you.

If you believe you’re awake already, please think about your life and how it is right now, THEN see if you’re fully awake! Are you living your dream life? Are you wealthy? Powerful? Free? Or does ‘something’ seem to be holding you down into poverty and powerlessness?

Ever wondered what that ‘something’ was?

I’m not trying to criticise or judge you. My task (and my passion) is to awaken you to a wonderful life of power, wealth and freedom, just as I have done for thousands of others.

To do that I have to get you to glimpse the truth of what I’m saying, then to open both of your eyes fully and join me and others in The Great Escape. So…

I’m here to tell you that true wealth and true power can only be achieved by waking up from ‘The Matrix’.

I can show you how to get FREEDOM to be who you really are. POWER to create your dream and make it happen. And…most importantly…enough GUILTLESS WEALTH to achieve this.

A grand claim? Judge for yourself. This letter is to introduce you to my brand new “Covert Recession Killer” home study course. A course which can change your life and money mindset forever enabling you to build solid wealth starting from today.

You see what I figured out was that before the media, government and every other power player out there brainwashed you people were becoming rich in much harder times than the current recession. People were becoming millionaires when the whole world was in ten times the state it is now.

How were they doing this? They were reading the exact books that have been updated and digitally remastered into audio format. The books that helped create millionaires, and even Presidents, the world over when the great Depression was on.

These books have been cleverly hidden from the public. Until now…

It’s time you learnt the truth

I made a bold claim at the start of this letter. I said you’ve been living in a dream world, kept broke and powerless by forces you only dimly suspect, controlled from the moment you first drew breath. Lied to, conned, manipulated and played with like a puppet. And that’s why you can’t get ahead, despite years (maybe decades) of struggle.

Okay, so hopefully you’re burning to know why you are being manipulated – and by whom? First let me tell you why.

Why would you be controlled, manipulated and deceived? Simple.

So that others might profit from your efforts.

Your life-values have been consistently stolen from you by others. And I do mean stolen. And here’s the kicker - you haven’t even noticed!

In fact I’d go further. Most times you’ve handed over the loot like a doe-eyed zombie! Sorry to be so blunt. I used to be one too, so I know.

But why would someone take money from you unfairly like this? Their motive is not so hard to understand. If ‘they’ can profit from your efforts, for no work whatsoever on their part, that’s a terrific deal for them.

It’s a neat trick. Yet it seems inconceivable that anyone could pull off such a stunt. How on earth do they get away with it?

I argue that just like in the Sci-Fi film The Matrix, the very best way is to keep you asleep - drifting and dreaming your way through life.

The last thing ‘they’ want is for you to wake up - because then you’ll stop working for their profit.

It stands to reason. If you were to wake up…why…then… you’d want to get wealthy too. You’d want to keep the values and money YOU created and not allow them to be confiscated. You’d want freedom and power and would no longer be content to be a caged worker-drone watching others live powerful, fun-filled lives – at YOUR expense

So far so good. But how do ‘they’ stop you claiming your birthright? How can ‘they’ keep you willingly enslaved like this? You’re really not going to like this because what they do is…

…leave you just enough so that you can pretend to be in control. Pretend to have ambitions and pretend to reach your goals. When all along, you’re a powerless slave.

It’s diabolically clever, isn’t it? By having you believe that you are in control, “they” remain in control.

You see by keeping people in the mindset that the media has brainwashed into you, that only the lucky get rich, you will remain working for the rich and making them richer – keeping those in the know in a luxury of wealth whilst you remain trapped in the “illusion” that you are financially ok.

Unfortunately this recession has meant tons of people who thought they were in control and financially secure all of a sudden found the truth out.

“The truth is – you’re broke (by any sensible definition of the word). You’re powerless (almost all personal power has been stripped from you). And you’re enslaved (any illusion of freedom you might entertain is just that – an illusion.)”

And for once… it’s not your fault. Why?

Because, just like in the film, alone and unaided it’s almost impossible for someone to realise they are fast asleep in The Matrix. Life around you seems so real. The society you live in seems so normal.

Governments seem so essential. TV seems such ‘fun’. Taxation appears such a reasonable idea, so do ID cards, spy cameras, DNA profiling and 101 other tools of state control. Big business seems so inevitable. Advertising seems just a part of normal life. Religions seem so comforting. I could go on and on… There are dozens of mirrors in this hall and you’ve probably never thought to question the reflections you see there. Why should you? You’ve been taught since birth that they are not distortions at all but reality. How things ‘should’ be!

My friend, you have been bedazzled and confused. If you’re struggling to get your brain around all of this, it’s not surprising. You see… (to borrow a line from the film) “You’ve never learned how to use it…”

If you think it’s hard to de-program someone from a religious cult, that’s a snap compared with waking up from The Matrix unaided. Few people can manage it alone.

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The terrifying truth is that you were born into this illusion, you’ve spent your entire life (until now) ensnared in its illusions, and you were scheduled to die in, like billions of others, after you’ve been drained of your energies and talents and outlived your usefulness.

I’m convinced that’s how it is and I’ve devoted a good portion of my life towards convincing others that this is true. With remarkable results.

Of course, you don’t have to believe me. It’s your call. You can stay asleep and dreaming, or you can wake up and join me and thousands of other escapees in a glittering life of wealth, power and freedom. Because, right now, ‘they’ do not yet have 100% iron-grip control over us. They are working fast and furiously towards this end, but right now it’s still possible to escape

But… the truth is that you’re most unlikely to believe what I say unless you’ve already suspected that something ‘funny’ is going on.

Now maybe your second question is: “Okay, you’ve explained WHY ‘they’ might like to exploit me, but WHO has been doing this to me?” In other words, who are ‘they’?

Firstly, please know one thing. I’ll say it LOUD AND CLEAR….


There is no secret cabal of Jewish bankers, illuminati or white-coated government technocrats meeting in an underground bunker to see how they can manipulate the docile puppet-population this week. Forget it! You can’t get two people to agree on where to go for a pint, let alone get the heads of multi-national corporations and government presidents to meet and plot the destiny of the world!

That stuff, like UFOs and Princess Di delusions is for conspiracy theory dreamers. Powerless people trapped deeper than most in financial illusion.

No, the truth is FAR easier to understand and FAR more scary. How do you uncover it? Like any good detective, if you want to find a culprit you can start by asking: “What’s the motive?”

I believe that the motive is money and power. Pretty good motives I reckon! Let me explain...

Firstly there are BILLIONS of pounds made each day from keeping you in this illusion.

There are VAST profits to be made in keeping you fast asleep and dreaming.

Take advertising. Watch any advert selling anything from cars to hairspray and most of them are in the dream business not the product business. They want you asleep so they can sell you their illusion of being young and beautiful, or a stud or – whatever illusion they want to link to their product. The tools they use are clever images and sounds to hypnotise you whilst they implant their message. Listen, it’s not personal. They don’t know you and they don’t give a damn about you. To them, you’re a faceless cash machine. Please get this straight…


There are many examples of people who want your money because they are greedy for power and unearned cash – and the best way - the absolute ‘taking candy from a baby’ way to get it is to hypnotise you into handing it over without a murmur – even with a smile on your lips.

But people also want POWER. I’m not going into the evolutionary reasons for this. Just accept it is as a fact. The only people who claim not to want power are totally powerless people without a chance of getting it. And they are the ones trapped deepest in the financial illusion.

The rest want it - badly.

Now then, it’s quiz time…Does power come from trying to control awake people, or asleep people?Answer (you guessed) – asleep people. Why? Because they can’t control awake people! If you’re awake then you’ve unmasked their ridiculous con tricks.

You may not like this but my view is that all governments of every colour are in the ‘sleep’ business too.

They want a nice, tame, docile population of sheep who will produce the wool and NOT BLEAT TOO MUCH ABOUT IT.

Really, that’s how I see it. Green, yellow, red or blue party, they’re all the same.

They’re all in the wool business. They differ (slightly) only in the con tricks they use to round up the silly sheep into their pens.

Why would people allow themselves to be exploited like this? Easy. People crave safety and security. Honestly, they will give up any and all freedoms if someone promises them a warm, cotton-wool nest. So the more deeply asleep, locked-into-the-matrix they are, the safer most people feel. Such people feel threatened by alert, bright, self-motivated and actualised people. So your friends and family, whilst being deeply asleep themselves, will also conspire to keep you locked in the financial illusion along with them. Again, it’s nothing personal.

Here’s another thought...

I’ve said that people want money and power and the best way they can get it is to con you out of it. This they gladly do - and you hand it over like a lamb to the slaughter. But hang on, you wouldn’t ever give them your money and power unless you’d been brainwashed to see these things as ‘bad’.

So let’s check...

How do you feel about getting lots of money for yourself? Millions. Tens of millions. Good or bad? You are likely to be conflicted. Your (correct) self-preservation instincts scream out that having lots of cash is good. Incidentally, I’m here to tell you that you’re RIGHT! But… decades of Matrix programming that money is the root of all evil, that rich people are scum, that money brings misery (I could go on) causes you massive anxiety. The result is… indecision and inertia. Which is just what they want. Inertia means you bumble along consuming and producing – plugged straight into the financial illusion.

With me so far? My next check to see how asleep you are is to ask:  “What do you think about power?"

Power has a bad press. It’s associated with cackling maniacs poised over the lever-that-will-destroy-the-world, ready to pull unless one trillion dollars is transferred to their Swiss account.

Power is associated with back-stabbing corporate types; lying, scheming politicians; mafia and organised crime; manipulative billionaires and despotic regimes – the list of BAD uses of power is very long indeed.

But hold on a moment… what about the GOOD uses of power? Funny we never hear about that. Why do you suppose that is?

What about the power to heal? The power to build a dam which brings life-giving electricity? The power to make changes in your community. The power to save a species, create a business, feed the starving.

Power can also be a truly enormous force for GOOD

Living a life of power means you move out into the world with POSITIVE POWER – the power to bring enormous change for good.

I hope you see this, because power, like money, has been deliberately smeared to make you unhappy about seeking it – the result is that most people spend their lives in neurosis… desperately wanting money but believing it is evil… desperately wanting power but believing it is only harmful.

I will show you how to gain personal power and freedom to be who you really want to be – and to have a dramatic positive impact on the world and those around you.

Now here’s an important point…

There is no one person or ‘secret group’ scheming to keep you asleep and dreaming. It’s pretty much everyoneexcept those few who have escaped!

Here is just a small sample of people with a powerful vested interest in stripping you of your wealth and power

  • Governments keep you asleep in order to gain power and kudos for themselves. It really is the most amazing power trip deciding the fate of the people. It’s a heck of a buzz making up laws, knowing you will be the one controlling others, monitoring them, taxing them, imprisoning them. And when you get tired of that you can invade countries, kill innocent people or spy on your citizens. If you doubt this, ask yourself: Do governments want savvy, awake, wealthy, self-actualised, smart citizens? Or do they prefer ignorant, tame, servile, broke and above all frightened sheep? (Frightened of terrorism, frightened of environmental disaster, frightened of the authorities, frightened of diseases like bird flu, etc. etc.)

  • Media make BILLIONS of pounds a week spewing out (sorry to be so graphic but I cannot bring myself to be milder) their trash for the sheep to gleefully consume. Did you know that ONE BILLION newspaper pages are printed every day? That’s a pile one hundred miles high! Each day! What’s on them? News? Do me a favour! It’s celebrity tittle-tattle; gossip; acres of sports coverage; malicious smears against those who cannot defend themselves; bringing down of the successful and wealthy; cheap sex; cheap opinions; regurgitated ‘easy reading’ sound bites for the masses to repeat. I could go on. Read a tabloid newspaper today – and be horrified. Truly horrified. And in case you were under the slightest delusion, newspapers make their money from selling advertising space. So do they want alert, bright, discerning readers? Or do you think they’d prefer semi-hypnotised robots who will buy products?

  • Television. The ultimate Big Brother control tool and money-making machine. Tens of thousands of hours of junk programmes, again spewed-out for the sheep to sit in front of and watch. Could you possibly imagine saying to someone a hundred years ago that they would have a way of making people sit still in front of a box for hour after hour as they willingly allow themselves to be indoctrinated and brainwashed? They wouldn’t believe it. The average amount of ‘telly’ watched by the masses is 3.7 hours PER DAY. That’s the AVERAGE!!!

  • Friends and Family want you, bless their hearts, to be… well… like them. So that means, in The Matrix. Don’t rise above your station. Just be a robot – like them. Obey orders. Don’t stick your head above the parapet. Don’t be different. Don’t be a smart-ass. Get a safe job. Settle down. Forget your dreams.

  • Big Corporations want you locked into The Matrix, consuming products. The more of their junk you buy, the more money they make and the more powerful they become. Their advertising is aimed at keeping you asleep. They don’t care much if their products work, are harmful to you or ruinous to the environment. Just don’t… whatever you do… wake up and see their cons. If you ever did that (shudder) you would…gulp …stopbuyingtheirtrash.

That’s just a taster. Now you’ll either be thinking I’m insane (literally) and will stop reading, or… you’ll be nodding a little in agreement. Maybe (and I’m hoping this is true) like thousands before you, you’re feeling a little excited that someone is finally prepared to tell it like it is.

Maybe you can also see why I told you I was afraid. If you’re not sure why, let me enlighten you. There are some serious kick-ass, heavyweight dudes in that list (governments, media, religions, big corporations) who do not like having their cons exposed.

There’s nothing to fear if you’re a nice, tame compliant sheep, fast asleep in The Matrix. You can dream your life away. It’s what they want.

Nobody will come and pay you ‘a visit’. Nobody will tap your phone, threaten or harass you.

You will not be on any ‘watch lists’. Trash newspapers won’t try and smear your reputation with their innuendo and lies.

Just consume and sleep. Sleep and consume. That’s all you need to do...

There is money at stake for these con-artists. And power. Rock their boat and they will not take it kindly. If you think they believe in democracy, freedom of speech and the free market – you’re deeper asleep than I thought, and even I can’t save you!

This letter is aimed at you if you’ve glimpsed the truth of what I’m saying. If you’ve suspected something like this, but maybe not been able to put it into words. If you’ve been quietly horrified at what’s been going on around you but felt powerless to stop it.

And most importantly this letter is aimed at you if you are heartily SICK of your own poverty and powerlessness.

If this is you, maybe it’s time to escape from The Matrix? It can be done. I’ve done it, and so have many others.

The reason I want people to become wealthy is because money gives them choices and freedom. And this allows them to escape.

I am passionate about human freedom because only by breaking the shackles of slavery can you live to your full potential. A slave cannot be all s/he is capable of being, as I'm sure you can see.

A slave works for the master - the master tells the slave what to do. The slave’s duty is obedience. Right now, you are a slave. And here’s a key point...

I want you to realise what’s been done to you. And the very, very best way of doing that is to WAKE UP from The Matrix and then get wealthy. Then you have power and freedom and choices. This is still possible.

By 'power' I mean power to realise your full potential, to be all you can be, to live a meaningful, happy and actualised life.

I submit you do not have this now. I submit that you have been conned out of your birthright.

You’ve been disarmed physically, morally and intellectually. This has been done with a specific agenda in mind. The agenda is enslavement. Actual, physical enslavement is far too crude. People can see who their oppressors are and plot to break free of their bonds. They fight. They join resistance groups. They cannot rest until they are free. That's old hat. No self-respecting ‘pharaoh’ would try that tired stunt. They don’t have to!

It’s far easier to enslave people if you spin a web of illusion so that people believe they have freedom of choice and personal power, when in fact they have neither.

When the bad masquerade as the good; when greedy, power-hungry people pose as altruistic ‘servants of the people’; when all is spin, lies and deceit then you are lost. Life becomes a bewildering, Orwellian Hall of Mirrors where truth is a lie, freedom is slavery, black is white.

So how do you become free?

There is only one path. Knowledge. Truth, if you prefer. No armed revolt, no people's popular front, no collapse into anarchy will free you. These things are for crazies, terrorists and the terminally desperate. Before you can blink, another gang of thugs will have grabbed power at the top. The flag colour might change, but the agenda is the same - power and vast wealth achieved through enslaving the masses.

There is only one way out of Wonderland - truth, knowledge, waking up from your dream – and enough cash to walk out the door a free man or woman.

As I said earlier before the media, government and big corporations have brainwashed you since birth about this illusion. They want you kept in the dark to ensure the big boys make more profits.

Before that though, way before media was a worldwide daily event, people just like you learned from a series of books about how to get into the right frame of mind to become rich – and then how to exploit the current opportunities in the recession of their time.

These books have become known as “The Underground Lost Books”. Rather like the story in the Da Vinci Code where the main protaganist stumbles upon something that could change the world, but that the world might not be ready for, these “lost books” have been hidden from the public eye.

Until now.

Now for the first time ever I can unleash these books on the world in never before digitally re-mastered audio format. You can download them and listen to them on your PC, on your IPod or in your car. I’ll also provide you with the original versions of the books for you to read along with the audio.

You receive eighteen audio programs, along with eighteen manuals, that will help you to not only escape from the financial illusion that you have been brainwashed into being stuck in but you will also learn how to make money even in this time of recession. And lots of it!

I know. I could charge hundreds or even thousands for this information. But here's the thing...

I know that the people who really need this information might not have tons of spare cash to burn. So pricing this too high would result in those who really need this information not being able to get it.

On the other hand this information as been kept out of the public eye for a reason. It is THAT powerful that I don’t want any old Tom, Dick or Harry getting their hands on it. I want it to be in the hands of those who genuinely want to escape the rat race, and not daydreamers who are all talk. So by charging a small amount for it I can get rid of the daydreamers

That’s why I will let you have my complete Covert Recession Weapon home study course for a one time payment of $39.95. You will gain instant access via an online download to the entire set of audio programs and manuals that can change your life. Forever.

Don't take my word for it. Use The Covert Recession Weapon Program for EIGHT FULL WEEKS and if you don't break free from the financial illusion you PAY NOTHING

I know as well as anyone else on the planet that when you are full of worry about money and the recession the thought of being able to break free from this negative mindset that is holding you back seems to good to be .

On the other hand I also know that this works. For anyone.

  Because of this I will happily let you download the program and try it out for a full eight weeks risk free. If at anytime within this period you don’t feel it’s for you simply shoot me an email and I’ll provide you with a full and no questions asked refund.

Now the truth is your life will change for the better within the first ten minutes of listening to one of the audios in the program. But I am that confident you will see dramatic and complete change over the next few weeks I’ll give you a full sixty days to make 100% sure it’s right for you. If you don’t like it I’ll give you your money back AND let you keep the program.

Do you think I would do that unless I was completely certain I could change your life? Not likely. This works as you will find out.

Your life is at a crossroads. Take the wrong turn and you'll NEVER change and always be a financial loser. Take the right one and you'll be on the way to the life you’ve always wanted

You now have two options. This decision can change your life forever, or keep you on track for what you are experiencing now.

So let me ask you a simple question. Are you happy to continue as you are, worrying about your finances and letting others dictate your life, or do YOU want to be in control?

If you are happy as you are leave this web page without signing up to the program. I assure you though you will not leave a life as happy as if you knew these secrets.

On the other hand if you are brave enough to be able to realize you need a little help, risk free I might add, then simply click the order link at the bottom of the page and you can start on your new journey right away.

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They say insanity is doing the same thing every day and expecting different results. I agree. If you DON'T take action and sign up don't expect your life to get any easier. If you do you can achieve what you've always wanted. Freedom from the worry of being broke and not in control.

To your new attitude

Colin Burton

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