WARNING! You are surrounded by an invisible poison which is holding you back from success and freedom and sentencing you to a life of self-imposed poverty. Here the crucial antidote is finally revealed…

Announcing the discovery of a little-known, century-old gem of wisdom from an early teacher of the Law of Attraction, that will revolutionize your every day life, show you how to conquer your fears and become an overnight magnet to success, health and wealth

Dear Friend:

The biggest obstacle to achieving success, in any aspect of life, is fear. Not that successful people don’t have fear; they just know how to “nip it in the bud” before it consumes them. They are able to easily and effortlessly replace fear with courage. They are masters of their lives and masters of their destinies.

And next month you will learn these secrets too! You’ll discover how to demolish fear and gain the courage necessary to achieve your goals.

But first I’d like you to take a moment to Imagine a life without fear!

- What would you be able to accomplish?

- How would your life be different?

- How would your daily activities be different?

Fear is a roadblock between you and your desire

To find out if fear has been keeping you from experiencing massive success, ask yourself these questions.

  Have you…

*Ever felt like you were moving in the right direction toward your goal only to doubt and second guess yourself later?

*Sabotaged your own success because you were afraid of a specific outcome?

*Let fear paralyze you into NOT making a decision?

*Witnessed how one small fear, uncontrolled, gave way to a flood of fear?

*Decided NOT to do something because you were afraid?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, fear is sabotaging your potential. Fear is holding you back from experiencing the success, abundance and happiness that is rightly yours.

But again, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. You have the power within you to permanently get rid of fear. To not let fear control your life.

Fear has done more to wreck careers and ruin happiness than all the wars of history

And I know firsthand. I used to be plagued with fear. Looking back, I realize that fear controlled most my life.

Fear kept me from taking chances. Fear kept me in my job. It kept me from looking for something better. It also kept me from moving to a new location. “What if I don’t like the new city? What if I can’t make new friends?”

I realized all of these "what if" questions were based on fear. But that didn’t stop me from being fearful.

Fear even prevented me from finding the love of my life. I’d meet someone that I liked, but then the fearful thoughts would creep in. “I can’t ask her out. She wouldn’t be interested in me.” I was afraid I wasn’t good enough.

I could literally blame every failure, every missed opportunity, on fear. The problem was that I didn’t know how to overcome it.

Until I discovered a book called Mastery of Self, which is the final book of a collection of Self-Power Books, by Dr. Frank Channing Haddock. It’s a 100-year-old classic from one of the early teachers of the Law of Attraction and the antidote for overcoming fear has not changed.

It is a book that changed my life when I first read it and continues to work miracles every time I revisit it.

It’s one thing to say “be courageous”, “destroy your fears,” but Haddock gives you definite and practical methods to conquer your fears, unlike any other book I have previously studied.

Learning how to conquer fear is the single most important thing you can do to improve your life

“If all our fears could be removed absolutely…this world would be a paradise in every respect. I do not know anything wrong with it that cannot be traced to a fear.”

Think about anything that ever held you back. And I bet it had to do with fear. But DO NOT fear, HELP is here.

Mastery of Self helps you demolish fear and experience power!

Past students have shared that this gem “grows on them with every reading.” The principles and methods revealed in this masterpiece will be worked into the very fiber of your being

Allowing you to do, be or have whatever you desire!

Banish fear once and for all and become a 

Magnet to Success


And…there’s more!

Not only will you receive the definitive guide to conquering fear and becoming a magnet to success, but you’ll also receive extra success-building bonus items.


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